Solidarisch. Raven.


The theory of the relationship between signifiers and their meaning is called: SEMANTICS. If you understand this sentence without putting much thought into it, then you honour the definition. Congratulations! This is exactly what we want to change.

Taking any context for granted without reflection is from our perspective an oafish deed. We believe that change is only possible if that what exists is not taken for granted. Therefore introducing: ANTI. Only by breaking down old and set structures can we reconstruct them in an alternative way. How many are actually still aware of the fact that capitalism is not at all a law of nature…?

WE DO NOT STAND FOR Chicago House, or Hardtechno, or Deep Whatever. We find the trenches that divide genres and playing style rather unexciting. Diversity starts with the line-up.

The way we see it, the BERLIN MUSIC AND CLUB CULTURE is in danger of getting stuck in its well-known and well-trodden queues. Despite and especially because of its reputation. Some may see this as normal. Nevertheless, we will not accept this. This too is where we want to break down existing correlations. As far as that is within our power, and to the best of our knowledge and judgment. 

We therefore ask you to refrain from giving so-called compliments such as “Cool, they really have a insert-random-club-here-sound!”. We rather see you donating your (admittedly very chic) jacket to a charitable project instead. Unless it’s your favourite jacket. We dream of housing the most diverse dance floor in Berlin, and making that same dance floor affordable for everyone. And that those who have nothing at all, will get something. This is obviously an extremely ambitious goal.

We see ourselves as ACCOUNTABLE PEOPLE that have THE CAPABILITY TO ACT WITHIN THE POLITICAL REALM. We respect boundaries. Those of ourselves, those of other people, not those that divide set nations. We reflect upon our privileges.

ANTI stands for anti-xenophobe, anti-idiocy, anti-capitalist, anti-anti. “Sounds like something that I’ve heard before, bring something new to the table!”. No.

WE REGULARLY COLLABORATE WITH PEOPLE who focus their energy on political work and supporting the left-wing resistance. We strive to keep questioning our own political thinking and attitude, to be aware about how to set forth our political action. We are not trying to pretend to be the biggest and most active political group of human beings. However, we are working on it, together with and supporting others that are already politically active on a higher level.

Then there are the Soli-Parties, events that are set up to contribute to a constructive social, political, or environmental goal. We ourselves, and with that our guests, waive any form of fees. Even if an event went very well, the only thing we might allow ourselves after a night of hard work is a taxi drive home. But that’s it. After deducting our material costs, we give all of your money to (charitable) political, (environmental) and social projects. Our personnel expenses are 0 in black and red, we are not in it for the money.

With this in mind, we look forward to seeing you at one of our many events. Please do look out for posters that show the text “FRISCH WIE GESTERN”. And take any hitchhiker with you.


Your Antis